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ουσ. ζεύγος ζώων, ομάδα
επίθ. ομαδικός
Related Greek Translations
team spirit: ομαδικό πνεύμα
team up with: συνεργάζομαι με
team work: ουσ. ομαδική εργασία
teammate: (Lex**) συμπαίκτης
teamster: ουσ. ζευγηλάτης, ζευγολάτης
teamstgr: ουσ. ζευγολάτησ
teamwork: ουσ. αρμονική εργασία ομάδος, ομαδική εργασία


 Synonyms for team
1. close-knit crew: company, crew, squad, trio, contingent, corps
2. draft animals: pair, yoke, span, set, rig
Tenses for team
Present participle: teaming
Present: team (3.person: teams)
Past: teamed
Future: will team
Present conditional: would team
Present Perfect: have teamed (3.person: has teamed)
Past Perfect: had teamed
Future Perfect: will have teamed
Past conditional: would have teamed

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