tether in Greek

ουσ. σχοινίο, τριχιά
ρήμ. δεσμεύω
noun: restraint consisting of a rope (or light chain) used to restrain an animal
verb: tie with a tether Example:Tether horses.
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Synonyms for tether
1. cord: chain, link, cable, leash, rope, restraint
2. tie up: tie down, secure, fasten, picket, hitch, confine, bind
Verb forms for tether
Present participle: tethering
Present: tether (3.person: tethers)
Past: tethered
Future: will tether
Present conditional: would tether
Present Perfect: have tethered (3.person: has tethered)
Past Perfect: had tethered
Future Perfect: will have tethered
Past conditional: would have tethered