tether in Greek and example sentences

tether in Greek

ουσ. σχοινίο, τριχιά
ρήμ. δεσμεύω

Example Sentences

Parliament submitted numerous proposals to the Council until we felt that we had reached the end of our tether.
Το Κοινοβούλιο υπέβαλε πολλές προτάσεις στο Συμβούλιο μέχρι που νιώσαμε ότι είχαμε φτάσει στα όρια μας.
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I was in Israel 14 days ago and saw for myself that both the Israelis and the Palestinians really are at the end of their tether.
Ήμουν στο Ισραήλ πριν από 14 ημέρες και είδα ο ίδιος ότι και οι Ισραηλινοί και οι Παλαιστίνιοι βρίσκονται στα όριά τους.
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Synonyms for tether
1. cord: chain, link, cable, leash, rope, restraint
2. tie up: tie down, secure, fasten, picket, hitch, confine, bind
Verb forms for tether
Present participle: tethering
Present: tether (3.person: tethers)
Past: tethered
Future: will tether
Present conditional: would tether
Present Perfect: have tethered (3.person: has tethered)
Past Perfect: had tethered
Future Perfect: will have tethered
Past conditional: would have tethered