yank in Greek and example sentences

yank in Greek

ουσ. γιάνκης, κάτοικος των βορειοανατολικών πολιτείων της αμερικής
ρήμ. τινάσσομαι, τραβώ απότομα, τινάσσω

Example Sentences

The Yanks are our friends.
Οι Αμερικανοί είναι φίλοι μας.
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Synonyms for yank
1. jerk: tug, pull, pluck, wrench, snatch, drag, haul
2. north american
Verb forms for yank
Present participle: yanking
Present: yank (3.person: yanks)
Past: yanked
Future: will yank
Present conditional: would yank
Present Perfect: have yanked (3.person: has yanked)
Past Perfect: had yanked
Future Perfect: will have yanked
Past conditional: would have yanked