divulge in Italian and example sentences

divulge in Italian

s. rivelazione
v. divulgare, diffondere, rivelare

Example Sentences

The reason for this, which I can divulge to the House, is that Mr Poettering’s doctorate was on Konrad Adenauer’s security policy.
La ragione, che posso rivelare all’Assemblea, è che il suo dottorato riguardava la politica di sicurezza di Konrad Adenauer.
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The committee’s report has neither divulged anything new, nor has it proved anything.
La relazione della commissione non ha divulgato nulla di nuovo, né ha provato nulla.
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We need a political debate over how much of their know-how enterprises have to divulge.
Serve un dibattito politico per stabilire quanto know-how le imprese saranno tenute a divulgare.
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Synonyms for divulge
bare: publish, disclose, reveal, confess
Verb forms for divulge
Present participle: divulging
Present: divulge (3.person: divulges)
Past: divulged
Future: will divulge
Present conditional: would divulge
Present Perfect: have divulged (3.person: has divulged)
Past Perfect: had divulged
Future Perfect: will have divulged
Past conditional: would have divulged