laud in Italian

s. lode
v. lodare, celebrare
verb: praise, glorify, or honor
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #62516)
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Synonyms for laud
commend: extol, praise, compliment, applaud, acclaim, hail, support
Related Italian Translations
laudability s. l'essere lodabile
laudable agg. lodabile, lodevole, encomiabile
laudableness s. encomiabilità
laudably avv. lodevolmente
laudanum s. (Farm) laudano
laudation s. lode, elogio, encomio
laudative agg. laudativo, lodativo, elogiativo
laudatorily avv. elogivamente, con discorsi di lode
laudatory agg. elogiativo, onorevole; che porta lode
laudatory remark osservazione elogiativa
laudatory term parola di encomio
lauded him lo lodò, lo encomiò
lauder s. elogiatore, onoratore
lauditive agg. laudativo
Verb forms for laud
Present participle: lauding
Present: laud (3.person: lauds)
Past: lauded
Future: will laud
Present conditional: would laud
Present Perfect: have lauded (3.person: has lauded)
Past Perfect: had lauded
Future Perfect: will have lauded
Past conditional: would have lauded