weird in Italian

s. (scozz, rar) destino, fato
agg. magico, misterioso, arcano, soprannaturale; (fam) strano, strambo, bizzarro, originale; (rar, poet) fatidico
noun: Fate personified; one of the three Weird Sisters
adjective: strikingly odd or unusual Example:Some weird effect of shadow- Bram Stoker.
adjective: suggesting the operation of supernatural influences Example:The three weird sisters.
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Synonyms for weird
uncanny: supernatural, awesome, ghostly, strange, eerie
Related Italian Translations
weird sisters le tre Parche; le streghe nel Macbeth di Shakespeare
weirdie s. strambo, strano, eccentrco; cosa strana
weirdly avv. magicamente, in modo arcano; (fam) in modo strambo, stranamente
weirdness s. l'essere misterioso; (fam) bizzarria, stranezza, stravaganza
weirdo s. eccentrico, bizzarro
weirdy s. individuo strano, eccentrico