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Japanese English - Japanese - affix
(名) 添付物; 接辞(接頭語や接尾語)
(動) はり付ける; 書き添える; 押す
Related Japanese Translations
affixal: (形) 接辞の, 接辞に関する(言語学)
affixation: (名) 添付; 接辞添加
affixed: (形) しっかりと付いた; ぴったりついた
affixial: (形) 接辞の, 接辞に関する(言語学)
affixing: [affix] (動) はり付ける; 書き添える; 押す
affixing a seal: (名) 加判, 押印
affixion: (名) 添付; 接辞添加
affixture: (名) 付加


 Synonyms for affix
1. attach: connect, join, stick on, bind, staple, tack, hook
2. add-on: appendage, addition, suffix, appendix, tag, tab
3. append: add, annex
Tenses for affix
Present participle: affixing
Present: affix (3.person: affixes)
Past: affixed
Future: will affix
Present conditional: would affix
Present Perfect: have affixed (3.person: has affixed)
Past Perfect: had affixed
Future Perfect: will have affixed
Past conditional: would have affixed

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