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Japanese English - Japanese - burst
(動) 破裂する; 決壊する; はち切れる; 急にする; ほころびる
(名) 破裂; 破裂箇所; 突発
Related Japanese Translations
bursting: (形) 噴火の; 破裂の; 破壊の
(動) 破裂する; 決壊する; はち切れる; 急にする; ほころびる


 Synonyms for burst
1. spurt: gust, rush, outpouring, torrent
2. explosion: blast, eruption
3. volley: round, salvo, discharge
4. explode: blow up, blast, crack, split
5. break: rupture, fissure, rend, tear
6. abound with: teem, pullulate
7. pierce: puncture, prick, penetrate, perforate
Tenses for burst
Present participle: bursting
Present: burst (3.person: bursts)
Past: burst
Future: will burst
Present conditional: would burst
Present Perfect: have burst (3.person: has burst)
Past Perfect: had burst
Future Perfect: will have burst
Past conditional: would have burst

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