compound in Japanese and example sentences

compound in Japanese

(形) 合成の; 複合の; 混合の
(名) 合成物; 化合物; 混合物; 複合語; 地区
(動) 混ぜ合わせる; 作る; 悪化させる

Example Sentences

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous substance formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon compounds.
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The pain of the compound fracture was almost unbearable.
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Her charm is compounded by her gaiety and kindness.
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The plants manufacture complex chemical compounds.
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Synonyms for compound
1. aggregate: composite, mixture, preparation, synthesis, suspension, blend, combination
2. composite: intricate, complicated, complex, mixed, combined, difficult, involved
3. combine: complicate, confuse, coalesce, join, mix, unite, bond
4. intensify: make intricate, multiply, confound, complicate, exacerbate, augment
Verb forms for compound
Present participle: compounding
Present: compound (3.person: compounds)
Past: compounded
Future: will compound
Present conditional: would compound
Present Perfect: have compounded (3.person: has compounded)
Past Perfect: had compounded
Future Perfect: will have compounded
Past conditional: would have compounded