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Korean English - Korean - allege
동. 단언하다, 증언하다, 내세우다, 인용 증언하다
Related Korean Translations
alleged: 형. 여겨지는, 생각되는; 변명된; 의심스러운
allegedly: 부. 여겨지건대, 보아지건대


 Synonyms for allege
1. testify: attest, certify, plead, maintain, witness, declare, swear
2. say: declare, affirm, state, testify, assert, attest, aver
Tenses for allege
Present participle: alleging
Present: allege (3.person: alleges)
Past: alleged
Future: will allege
Present conditional: would allege
Present Perfect: have alleged (3.person: has alleged)
Past Perfect: had alleged
Future Perfect: will have alleged
Past conditional: would have alleged

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