burst in Korean

명. 파열;돌발, 분출, 분발; 집중사격
동. 파열하다; 부풀어 터지다, 찢어져 벌어지다; 끼어들다; 파열시키다
noun: a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason) Example:A burst of applause.
noun: the act of exploding or bursting something Example:The burst of an atom bomb creates enormous radiation aloft.
noun: a sudden violent happening Example:An outburst of heavy rain.
noun: rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms
verb: break open or apart suddenly Example:The bubble burst.
verb: break open or apart suddenly and forcefully Example:The dam burst.
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Synonyms for burst
1. spurt: gust, rush, outpouring, torrent
2. explosion: blast, eruption
3. volley: round, salvo, discharge
4. explode: blow up, blast, crack, split
5. break: rupture, fissure, rend, tear
6. abound with: teem, pullulate
7. pierce: puncture, prick, penetrate, perforate
Related Korean Translations
burst in 침입하다
burst into tears 울음을 터뜨리다
burst of laughter 갑자기 자지러지게 웃다
burst open 강제로 열다
burst out 튀어나오다
burst out laughing 갑자기 웃기 시작하다, 폭소하다
burst out sobbing 갑자기 울기 시작하다
bursting [burst] 동. 파열하다; 부풀어 터지다, 찢어져 벌어지다; 끼어들다; 파열시키다
Verb forms for burst
Present participle: bursting
Present: burst (3.person: bursts)
Past: burst
Future: will burst
Present conditional: would burst
Present Perfect: have burst (3.person: has burst)
Past Perfect: had burst
Future Perfect: will have burst
Past conditional: would have burst