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Korean English - Korean - burst
명. 파열;돌발, 분출, 분발; 집중사격
동. 파열하다; 부풀어 터지다, 찢어져 벌어지다; 끼어들다; 파열시키다
Related Korean Translations
burst in: 침입하다
burst into tears: 울음을 터뜨리다
burst of laughter: 갑자기 자지러지게 웃다
burst open: 강제로 열다
burst out: 튀어나오다
burst out laughing: 갑자기 웃기 시작하다, 폭소하다
burst out sobbing: 갑자기 울기 시작하다
bursting: [burst] 동. 파열하다; 부풀어 터지다, 찢어져 벌어지다; 끼어들다; 파열시키다


 Synonyms for burst
1. spurt: gust, rush, outpouring, torrent
2. explosion: blast, eruption
3. volley: round, salvo, discharge
4. explode: blow up, blast, crack, split
5. break: rupture, fissure, rend, tear
6. abound with: teem, pullulate
7. pierce: puncture, prick, penetrate, perforate
Tenses for burst
Present participle: bursting
Present: burst (3.person: bursts)
Past: burst
Future: will burst
Present conditional: would burst
Present Perfect: have burst (3.person: has burst)
Past Perfect: had burst
Future Perfect: will have burst
Past conditional: would have burst

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