commission in Korean and example sentences

commission in Korean

명. 대리 수수료, 수수료; 위임장; 직권, 권한
동. 으뢰하다, 주문하다; 권한을 주다, 위임하다, 임명하다

Example Sentences

Earnings are based on a sales commission.
수입은 판매 수수료 베이스로 합니다.
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He accepted a commission as a naval officer.
그는 해군 장교직을 받았다.
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However some experts said the ruling will have little impact on the domestic messenger market because the messenger-XP bundling has already disappeared here in the wake of Fair Trade Commission sanctions in February 2006.
그러나 일부 전문가들은 2006년 공정거래위원회가 제재를 가한 결과, 메신저와 윈도우XP의 끼워팔기 관행이 이미 사라졌기 때문에 이번 판결이 국내 메신저 시장에 거의 영향을 미치지 않을 것이라고 말했다.
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The commission should reconsider their decision.
위원회는 그들의 결정을 다시 재검토해야 한다.
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Synonyms for commission
1. order: command, direction, authorisation, authorization, permission, ordinance, injunction, license
2. entrustment: delegation, sending, authorizing, assignment
3. duty: task, function, obligation, office, trust, work, responsibility
4. committee: board, representatives, council, delegation, agency
5. remuneration: royalty, compensation, stipend, payment, fee, salary, indemnity
6. empower: authorise, authorize, order, appoint, assign, bid, dictate, adjure
Verb forms for commission
Present participle: commissioning
Present: commission (3.person: commissions)
Past: commissioned
Future: will commission
Present conditional: would commission
Present Perfect: have commissioned (3.person: has commissioned)
Past Perfect: had commissioned
Future Perfect: will have commissioned
Past conditional: would have commissioned