decree in Korean and example sentences

decree in Korean

명. 법령, 명령, 포고
동. 법으로 명하다, 포고하다, 판결하다, 법령을 포고하다

Example Sentences

In 1845 Daewonkoon published a decree ordering the expulsion of the Jesuits.
1845년 대원군은 예수회파 기독교도 추방의 법령을 발포했다.
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It was decreed that the following day would be a holiday.
그 다음날은 공휴일로 결정되었다.
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Of course the people who suffered from those decrees complain a lot.
물론 그 당시의 긴급조치로 인해 고통 받은 사람들이 많은 불평을 하고 있습니다.
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Synonyms for decree
1. edict: pronouncement, proclamation, declaration, mandate, judgment, ruling, order
2. proclaim: announce, declare, pronounce
Verb forms for decree
Present participle: decreeing
Present: decree (3.person: decrees)
Past: decreed
Future: will decree
Present conditional: would decree
Present Perfect: have decreed (3.person: has decreed)
Past Perfect: had decreed
Future Perfect: will have decreed
Past conditional: would have decreed