divulge in Korean and example sentences

divulge in Korean

명. 누설, 폭로, 공표(고어)
동. 누설하다, 폭로하다

Example Sentences

Officials refuse to divulge details of the negotiations.
간부들은 협상의 세부 내용을 밝히기를 거부한다.
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Synonyms for divulge
bare: publish, disclose, reveal, confess
Verb forms for divulge
Present participle: divulging
Present: divulge (3.person: divulges)
Past: divulged
Future: will divulge
Present conditional: would divulge
Present Perfect: have divulged (3.person: has divulged)
Past Perfect: had divulged
Future Perfect: will have divulged
Past conditional: would have divulged