fart in Korean

명. 방귀(속어)
동. 방귀뀌다(속어)
Example Sentences
They fart with me because of my appearance.
그들은 내 외모 때문에 놀린다.
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You can't get good grades if you are like a fart in a colander.
당신은 덜렁이면 좋은 성적을 얻을 수 없습니다.
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Related Korean Translations
farther 형. 더 먼; 게다가, 더욱이
farthermost 형. 가장 먼
farthest 형. 가장 먼
farthing 명. 파싱
Verb forms for fart
Present participle: farting
Present: fart (3.person: farts)
Past: farted
Future: will fart
Present conditional: would fart
Present Perfect: have farted (3.person: has farted)
Past Perfect: had farted
Future Perfect: will have farted
Past conditional: would have farted