incite in Korean

동. 자극하다
Example Sentences
He was charged with inciting violence.
그는 폭력을 사주한 혐의로 기소되었다
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His words incited them to rebellion.
그의 말에 선동되어 그들이 반란을 일으켰다.
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Synonyms for incite
provoke: induce, animate, galvanise, galvanize, prompt, arouse, innervate, call forth
Related Korean Translations
incite to 동. ...도록 격려하다
incited [incite] 동. 자극하다
incitement 명. 자극, 자극하는 것, 포장
Verb forms for incite
Present participle: inciting
Present: incite (3.person: incites)
Past: incited
Future: will incite
Present conditional: would incite
Present Perfect: have incited (3.person: has incited)
Past Perfect: had incited
Future Perfect: will have incited
Past conditional: would have incited