subjugate in Korean and example sentences

subjugate in Korean

동. 정복하다, 예속시키다

Example Sentences

Ancient Rome subjugated most of Europe.
고대 로마는 유럽 대부분의 지역을 지배했다
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Her personal ambitions had been subjugated to the needs of her family.
그녀의 개인적인 야망은 가족의 필요에 예속되어 있었다.
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Synonyms for subjugate
defeat: overwhelm, beat, overpower, crush, overthrow, vanquish, subdue
Verb forms for subjugate
Present participle: subjugating
Present: subjugate (3.person: subjugates)
Past: subjugated
Future: will subjugate
Present conditional: would subjugate
Present Perfect: have subjugated (3.person: has subjugated)
Past Perfect: had subjugated
Future Perfect: will have subjugated
Past conditional: would have subjugated