vanquish in Korean and example sentences

vanquish in Korean

동. 정복하다, 극복하다, 이기다

Example Sentences

Napoleon was vanquished at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.
나폴레옹은 1815년 워털루 전투에서 패배했다.
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Synonyms for vanquish
conquer: defeat, beat, rout, trounce, win, outdo, surpass
Verb forms for vanquish
Present participle: vanquishing
Present: vanquish (3.person: vanquishes)
Past: vanquished
Future: will vanquish
Present conditional: would vanquish
Present Perfect: have vanquished (3.person: has vanquished)
Past Perfect: had vanquished
Future Perfect: will have vanquished
Past conditional: would have vanquished