yank in Korean and example sentences

yank in Korean

명. 양키, 미국사람; 미국의 시민 전쟁 때 연합군

Example Sentences

He gave the rope a yank.
그가 밧줄을 확 당겼다
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The respected Frenchman was yanked off from Air France minutes before take-off.
그 존경 받는 프랑스인은 비행기 이륙직전 체포되었다.
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Synonyms for yank
1. jerk: tug, pull, pluck, wrench, snatch, drag, haul
2. north american
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Verb forms for yank
Present participle: yanking
Present: yank (3.person: yanks)
Past: yanked
Future: will yank
Present conditional: would yank
Present Perfect: have yanked (3.person: has yanked)
Past Perfect: had yanked
Future Perfect: will have yanked
Past conditional: would have yanked