yank in Korean

명. 양키, 미국사람; 미국의 시민 전쟁 때 연합군
Related Korean Translations
Yankee명. 미국 사람; 미국 북부 여러 주의 사람, 북부 사람
Yankee Doodle양키 노래 라고 일컬어짐, 미국 사람
yankeedom명. 양키 나라, 양키
yankeefy동. 양키화 하다, 미국식으로 하다
yankeeism명. 양키 기질, 미국적 풍습, 미국식 어법
Yankeeland명. 미국, 북부 여러 주, 뉴잉글랜드 지방
noun: an American
noun: an American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War)
noun: an American who lives in New England
verb: pull, or move with a sudden movement

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Synonyms for yank
1. jerk: tug, pull, pluck, wrench, snatch, drag, haul
2. north american
Verb forms for yank
Present participle: yanking
Present: yank (3.person: yanks)
Past: yanked
Future: will yank
Present conditional: would yank
Present Perfect: have yanked (3.person: has yanked)
Past Perfect: had yanked
Future Perfect: will have yanked
Past conditional: would have yanked