blow in Portuguese

s. golpe; bofetada; vendaval; desgraça
v. soprar, encher; ventar; assobiar; estourar; fazer soar
noun: forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth Example:He gave his nose a loud blow.
noun: a powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon Example:A blow on the head.
noun: street names for cocaine
noun: an unpleasant or disappointing surprise
noun: an impact (as from a collision)
noun: a strong current of air
noun: an unfortunate happening that hinders of impedes; something that is thwarting or frustrating
verb: spout moist air from the blowhole
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Synonyms for blow
1. misfortune: set-back, shock, affliction, reverse, trauma, mishap, calamity
2. hit: thump, bump, strike, rap, knock, impact, stroke
3. wind: storm, squall, blast, typhoon, gale, gust, breeze
4. puff: gasp, pant, breathe, exhale, whisper, wheeze
5. bluster: squall, storm, roar, wail, whip, stream
6. flap: flutter, waft, rush, whirl, whisk, drive, fling
7. sound: trumpet, blast, blare, mouth, play, whistle
8. blossom: bloom, flower
Related Portuguese Translations
blow ball s. dente-de-leão
blow cock v. bico: fazer bico [sl.], chupar [sl.]
blow off s. escape, saída
blow one's own horn id. elogiar a si mesmo
blow one's trumpet id. elogiar a si mesmo
blow over v. passar, esquecido: ser esquecido
blow up s. explosão (f), explosão de raiva (f), falência (f)
blower s. soprador; ventilador
blowfly s. mosca varejeira
blowgun s. zarabatana
blowhard s. pessoa convencida, aquele com excesso de auto-estima
blowhole s. escapamento (m), narina (f), respiradouro (m)
blowing s. sopro
blowjob s. sexo oral (m), chupada [sl.] (f), boquete [sl.], bico [sl.] (m)
blowlamp s. maçarico portátil (Termo Britânico)
blown adj. sem respiração
blow-off s. escape, saída
blowout s. explosão; furo no pneu; refeição
blowpipe s. tubo de soprar; maçarico
blows s. batedura (f)
Verb forms for blow
Present participle: blowing
Present: blow (3.person: blows)
Past: blew
Future: will blow
Present conditional: would blow
Present Perfect: have blown (3.person: has blown)
Past Perfect: had blown
Future Perfect: will have blown
Past conditional: would have blown