make out in Russian

составлять; разобрать, увидеть, понять, различить, уяснить; давать понять, делать вид; доказывать; справляться, преуспевать, притворяться
Related Russian Translations
make out one's caseдоказать свою правоту
verb: comprehend Example:I cannot make out what this politician is saying.
verb: try to establish
verb: imply or suggest
verb: kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion
verb: come to terms or deal successfully with
verb: proceed or get along
verb: make out and issue
verb: have sexual intercourse with
verb: write all the required information onto a form Example:Make out a form.
verb: detect with the senses Example:I can't make out the faces in this photograph.

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Synonyms for make out
notice: know, note, apprehend, discern, penetrate, behold, sense