outsell in Russian and example sentences

outsell in Russian

г. продаваться лучше или дороже

Example Sentences

Efficient companies are punished for their success by being held to a special standard that expects them to cuddle their competitors, instead of continuing to out-price and outsell them, to the benefit of consumers.
Успешные компании наказывают за их успех тем, что они вынуждены придерживаться особого стандарта, согласно которому они должны баловать своих конкурентов вместо того, чтобы продолжать превосходить их в ценах и объемах продаж на благо потребителей.
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Verb forms for outsell
Present participle: outselling
Present: outsell (3.person: outsells)
Past: outsold
Future: will outsell
Present conditional: would outsell
Present Perfect: have outsold (3.person: has outsold)
Past Perfect: had outsold
Future Perfect: will have outsold
Past conditional: would have outsold