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Russian English - Russian - perfume
с. благоухание, аромат, запах, духи
г. душить, подушить, делать благоуханным
Related Russian Translations
perfume oneself: душиться
perfumed: прил. благоуханный, надушенный, душистый, благовонный
perfumer: с. парфюмер
perfumery: с. парфюмерия


 Synonyms for perfume
1. scent: aroma, fragrance, odour, redolence, smell
2. cologne: balm, essence, incense, scent
3. scent: odourise, odourize, aromatise, aromatize, savour
Tenses for perfume
Present participle: perfuming
Present: perfume (3.person: perfumes)
Past: perfumed
Future: will perfume
Present conditional: would perfume
Present Perfect: have perfumed (3.person: has perfumed)
Past Perfect: had perfumed
Future Perfect: will have perfumed
Past conditional: would have perfumed

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