fart in Spanish

s. pedo, peo
v. tirarse un pedo (familismo)
Related Spanish Translations
fartheradj. más lejano, ulterior
adv. más allá, más lejos
farthermostadj. más lejano
farthestadj. más lejano, más remoto
farthings. cuarto de penique
farthingales. guardainfante, miriñaque
noun: a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus
verb: expel intestinal gases through the anus

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Verb forms for fart
Present participle: farting
Present: fart (3.person: farts)
Past: farted
Future: will fart
Present conditional: would fart
Present Perfect: have farted (3.person: has farted)
Past Perfect: had farted
Future Perfect: will have farted
Past conditional: would have farted