glorious in Spanish

adj. glorioso
Related Spanish Translations
glorious deedejecutoria
glorious victoryVictoria gloriosa
gloriouslyadv. gloriosamente, loablemente
gloriousnesss. algo glorioso, colosal; magnífico
adjective: having or worthy of pride
adjective: having great beauty and splendor Example:A glorious spring morning.
adjective: bringing great happiness and thankfulness Example:Glorious freedom.
adjective: having or deserving or conferring glory Example:A long and glorious career.
adjective: characterized by or attended with brilliance or grandeur Example:A glorious work of art.

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Synonyms for glorious
1. famous: famed, noted, renowned, celebrated, notable, distinguished, eminent
2. delightful: festive, gratifying, pleasant, admirable
3. splendid: resplendent, magnificent, lustrous, brilliant