pungent in Spanish

adj. pungente, acerbo, acre
Example Sentences
The old man felt an extreme sensation of heat. The pungent perfume of explosive drugs brought the tears to his eyes and clawed at his throat.
El viejo experimentó una sensación aguda de calor. Un perfume punzante de drogas explosivas le hizo llorar y arañó su garganta.
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The air was hot with acrid odors, pungent and brutishly intoxicating. The perfumes from the explosions were penetrating to the brain through the mouth, the eyes and the ears.
El aire se caldeaba con olores acres, punzantes, bestialmente embriagadores. Los perfumes del explosivo llegaban hasta el cerebro por la boca, por las orejas, por los ojos.
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adjective: sharp biting or acrid especially in taste or smell Example:Tasting the pungent wood sorrel.
adjective: capable of wounding Example:Pungent satire.
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Synonyms for pungent
1. poignant: distressing, racy, painful, spicy, snappy
2. sharp: acrid, biting, hot, peppery, piquant
3. sarcastic: acrimonious, biting, bitter, caustic, cutting, mordant, penetrating
4. keen: acute, sharp, stimulating