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Spanish English - Spanish - storm
s. tormenta, borrasca, procela, tempestad, temporal; arrebato, acceso
v. asaltar, invadir
Related Spanish Translations
storm cloud: s. nubarrón (m)
storm clouds: s. cerrazón (m)
stormbound: demorado por la tormenta, paralizado por la tormenta, cerrado por el mal tiempo; aislado, bloqueado por el mal tiempo
storm-cloud: s. nubarrón (m)
storminess: s. estado tempestuoso
storming: s. asalto (m)
stormy: adj. tempestuoso, aborrascado, borrascoso, chubascoso, proceloso, tormentoso


 Synonyms for storm
1. attack: assault, siege
2. tempest: blizzard, gale, hurricane, hailstorm, snowstorm, sirocco, thunderstorm
3. commotion: upheaval, turmoil, hysteria, violence, strife, disturbance, convulsion
4. blow: howl, hail, rain, squall, snow
5. rage: complain, fume, rant
6. attack: assault, besiege, rush
Tenses for storm
Present participle: storming
Present: storm (3.person: storms)
Past: stormed
Future: will storm
Present conditional: would storm
Present Perfect: have stormed (3.person: has stormed)
Past Perfect: had stormed
Future Perfect: will have stormed
Past conditional: would have stormed

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