storm in Spanish

s. tormenta, borrasca, procela, tempestad, temporal; arrebato, acceso
v. asaltar, invadir
Related Spanish Translations
storm clouds. nubarrón (m)
storm cloudss. cerrazón (m)
storm conecono de la tempestad
storm damagedaños por tormenta
storm doorcontrapuerta
storm draincloaca, desagüe de aguas pluviales, alcantarilla, colector para aguas pluviales
storm jibfoque de capa, tormentín
storm ladderescala de gato
storm petrelpaíño común, petrel, pardela, paíño, paiño común
storm sailvela de capa
storm sewertoma de tormenta, alcantarilla de tormenta, alcantarilla pluvial, alcantarilla de aguas pluviales, alcantarillas pluviales, canal de evacuación de aguas de lluvia
storm signalseñal de tormenta, señal de temporal
storm tossedsacudido por la tempestad
storm warningaviso de tempestad, alerta o amenaza o aviso de tormenta o de temporal, aviso de ventarron, alerta de galerna, aviso de temporal, aviso de viento fuerte, alerta de ventarron, amenaza de ventarron, aviso de tormenta
storm windborrasca, viento tempestuoso
stormbounddemorado por la tormenta, paralizado por la tormenta, cerrado por el mal tiempo; aislado, bloqueado por el mal tiempo
storm-clouds. nubarrón (m)
storminesss. estado tempestuoso
stormings. asalto (m)
storm-proofprotegido contra rayos
noun: a direct and violent assault on a stronghold
noun: a violent weather condition with winds 64-72 knots (11 on the Beaufort scale) and precipitation and thunder and lightening
noun: a violent commotion or disturbance Example:The storms that had characterized their relationship had died away.
verb: blow hard Example:It was storming all night.
verb: rain, hail, or snow hard and be very windy, often with thunder or lightning Example:If it storms, we'll need shelter.

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Synonyms for storm
1. attack: assault, siege
2. tempest: blizzard, gale, hurricane, hailstorm, snowstorm, sirocco, thunderstorm
3. commotion: upheaval, turmoil, hysteria, violence, strife, disturbance, convulsion
4. blow: howl, hail, rain, squall, snow
5. rage: complain, fume, rant
6. attack: assault, besiege, rush
Verb forms for storm
Present participle: storming
Present: storm (3.person: storms)
Past: stormed
Future: will storm
Present conditional: would storm
Present Perfect: have stormed (3.person: has stormed)
Past Perfect: had stormed
Future Perfect: will have stormed
Past conditional: would have stormed