aggregate in Turkish and example sentences

aggregate in Turkish

f. toplamak, birleştirmek, etmek (toplamı), ulaşmak (toplamı)
i. toplam, tutar, kütle, küme
s. toplanmış, biriktirilmiş, bütün, toplam
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Synonyms for aggregate
1. total: entire, complete, added, combined
2. entirety: whole, amount, totality, assemblage, body, gross, sum
3. gather: accumulate, amass, assemble, collect, total
4. add up to: amount to
Verb forms for aggregate
Present participle: aggregating
Present: aggregate (3.person: aggregates)
Past: aggregated
Future: will aggregate
Present conditional: would aggregate
Present Perfect: have aggregated (3.person: has aggregated)
Past Perfect: had aggregated
Future Perfect: will have aggregated
Past conditional: would have aggregated