Definition of ensnare Pronunciation
1. To entrap; to catch in a snare or trap.
2. To entangle; to enmesh.
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English - English - ensnare Pronunciation
v. catch in a trap, lure, snare, net, entangle
English - Spanish - ensnare Pronunciation
v. entrampar, atrapar, coger, coger en una trampa, embrollar, enmarañar, involucrar
English - French - ensnare Pronunciation
v. attraper, prendre dans ses filets; séduire
English - German - ensnare Pronunciation
v. fangen, umgarnen
English - Italian - ensnare Pronunciation
v. intrappolare, prendere in trappola
English - Portuguese - ensnare Pronunciation
v. enlaçar, armar o laço, derrubar na rede
English - Russian - ensnare Pronunciation
г. поймать в ловушку, заманивать, заловить
English - Turkish - ensnare Pronunciation
f. kapana kıstırmak, kapanla yakalamak, tuzağa düşürmek
English - Dutch - ensnare Pronunciation
ww. vangen, verstrikken, verlokken, in de val laten lopen
English - Greek - ensnare Pronunciation
ρήμ. παγιδεύω, δελεάζω
English - Chinese - ensnare Pronunciation
(动) 诱捕; 陷害; 诱入圈套
English - Chinese - ensnare Pronunciation
(動) 誘捕; 陷害; 誘入圈套
English - Japanese - ensnare Pronunciation
(動) わなにかける
English - Korean - ensnare Pronunciation
동. 덫에 걸리게 하다, 유혹하다

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Synonyms for ensnare
1. trick: cheat, entrap, deceive, mislead, con, gyp, dupe
2. catch: entrap, snare, trap, net, ambush
Verb forms for ensnare
Present participle: ensnaring
Present: ensnare (3.person: ensnares)
Past: ensnared
Future: will ensnare
Present conditional: would ensnare
Present Perfect: have ensnared (3.person: has ensnared)
Past Perfect: had ensnared
Future Perfect: will have ensnared
Past conditional: would have ensnared