Definition of entrechat Pronunciation
1. A manoeuvre whereby the performer jumps up and strikes the heels together a number of times.
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English - English - entrechat Pronunciation
n. (Ballet) jump in which the dancer crosses her feet or taps the heels several times while in the air
n. entrechat
English - French - entrechat Pronunciation
n. entrechat; saut, gambarde
English - German - entrechat Pronunciation
English - Italian - entrechat Pronunciation
s. passo di ballo in cui il ballerino incrocia i suoi piedi o batte le caviglie varie volte durante un salto (balletto)
English - Russian - entrechat Pronunciation
с. антраша
Dutch - English - entrechat Pronunciation
n. entrechat
English - Dutch - entrechat Pronunciation
zn. (Ballet) sprong waarin de danseres haar voeten kruist of de hielen verscheidene malen tegen elkaar tikt als ze in de lucht is
French - German - entrechat Pronunciation
kreuzsprung, luftsprung
French - Turkish - entrechat Pronunciation
[le] ayakları birbirine vurarak zıplama, sıçrama
English - Hindi - entrechat Pronunciation
n. आंत्रेषा
English - Korean - entrechat Pronunciation
명. 앙트르샤

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