Definition of epaulet Pronunciation
1. A decoration or flourish worn on the shoulders, as on a uniform.
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English - English - epaulet Pronunciation
n. fringed shoulder ornament (on a uniform)
n. epaulet, fringed shoulder ornament (on a uniform)
English - Spanish - epaulet Pronunciation
s. hombrera, charretera
English - French - epaulet Pronunciation
n. épaulette
English - German - epaulet Pronunciation
n. Schulterklappe
English - Indonesian - epaulet Pronunciation
n. epolet, tanda pundak, tanda pangkat, balok pangkat
English - Italian - epaulet Pronunciation
s. (Mil) spallina
English - Polish - epaulet Pronunciation
n. epolet
English - Portuguese - epaulet Pronunciation
s. dragona (galão, com ou sem franjas, que os militares usam no ombro)
English - Russian - epaulet Pronunciation
с. эполет
English - Turkish - epaulet Pronunciation
i. apolet, omuzluk
English - Ukrainian - epaulet Pronunciation
n. еполет
Dutch - English - epaulet Pronunciation
n. epaulet, fringed shoulder ornament (on a uniform)
English - Dutch - epaulet Pronunciation
zn. epaulet
English - Greek - epaulet Pronunciation
ουσ. επωμίς, επωμίδα
Dutch - French - epaulet Pronunciation
(militair) épaulette (f)
English - Arabic - epaulet Pronunciation
‏الكتفية، كتاف‏
English - Chinese - epaulet Pronunciation
(名) 肩章; 肩饰
English - Chinese - epaulet Pronunciation
(名) 肩章; 肩飾
English - Hindi - epaulet Pronunciation
n. एपोलेट
English - Japanese - epaulet Pronunciation
(名) 肩章(ユニフォームの)
English - Korean - epaulet Pronunciation
명. 견장
English - Vietnamese - epaulet Pronunciation
n. ngù vai

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