n. spying, intelligence
English - Spanish - espionage Pronunciation
s. espionaje
English - French - espionage Pronunciation
n. espionnage
English - German - espionage Pronunciation
n. Spionage
English - Italian - espionage Pronunciation
s. spionaggio
English - Portuguese - espionage Pronunciation
s. espionagem
English - Russian - espionage Pronunciation
с. шпионаж
English - Turkish - espionage Pronunciation
i. casusluk
English - Albanian - espionage Pronunciation
n. spiunazh
English - Dutch - espionage Pronunciation
zn. spionage
English - Greek - espionage Pronunciation
ουσ. κατασκοπεία
English - Chinese - espionage Pronunciation
(名) 间谍组织, 间谍活动
English - Chinese - espionage Pronunciation
(名) 間諜組織, 間諜活動
English - Japanese - espionage Pronunciation
(名) スパイ行為, スパイ活動; スパイの利用
English - Korean - espionage Pronunciation
명. 스파이 활동
noun: the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets
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Synonyms for espionage
spying: espial, watching