Definition of estimation Pronunciation
1. A document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation).
2. The respect with which a person is held.
They had a high estimation of his ability.
3. An approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth.
4. A judgment of the qualities of something or somebody.
In my estimation the boy is innocent.
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English - English - estimation Pronunciation
n. assessment, judgment, opinion
n. appreciation, appraisement, appraisal; assessment, estimation, valuation; computation, rating
English - Spanish - estimation Pronunciation
s. estimación, aprecio, cálculo, consideración
English - French - estimation Pronunciation
n. évaluation, estimation
English - German - estimation Pronunciation
n. Bewertung, Schätzung, Einschätzung
English - Italian - estimation Pronunciation
s. giudizio, parere, avviso; stima, considerazione; valutazione, calcolo; preventivo
English - Portuguese - estimation Pronunciation
s. estimação, avaliação
English - Russian - estimation Pronunciation
с. оценка, суждение, мнение; уважение; расчет, вычисление
English - Turkish - estimation Pronunciation
i. görüş, keşif, kanı, takdir, fikir, tahmin, değerlendirme, itibar, paha biçme, saygı
French - English - estimation Pronunciation
(f) n. appreciation, appraisement, appraisal; assessment, estimation, valuation; computation, rating
English - Dutch - estimation Pronunciation
zn. (hoog)achting, schatting
English - Greek - estimation Pronunciation
ουσ. εκτίμηση, υπόληψη, κρίση
French - Spanish - estimation Pronunciation
1. (prix) valorización (f)
2. (action) tasación (f); valorización (f)
3. (évaluation) valoración (f); tasación (f); evaluación (f); estimación (f); cálculo (m) 4. (approximation) aproximación (f); estimación (f); conjetura (f)
French - German - estimation Pronunciation
n. schätzung, kalkulation, bewertung, beurteilung, veranschlagung, prognose, taxe, ansatz, überschlag
French - Italian - estimation Pronunciation
1. (prix) stima (f); perizia (f); valutazione (f)
2. (action) valutazione (f); perizia (f)
3. (évaluation) apprezzamento (m); valutazione (f); stima (f); calcolo (m) 4. (approximation) approssimazione (f); valutazione (f)
French - Portuguese - estimation Pronunciation
1. (prix) valor (m)
2. (action) avaliação (f)
3. (évaluation) avaliação (f); apreciação (f); estimativa (f); apreçamento (m); cálculo (m) 4. (approximation) aproximação (f); estimativa (f); idéia (f)
French - Russian - estimation Pronunciation
n. оценка (f), расчет (f), подсчет (f), определение (f), обложение налогом (f)
French - Turkish - estimation Pronunciation
[la] değer biçme, tahmin
French - Dutch - estimation Pronunciation
1. (prix) taxatieprijs (m); vastgestelde waarde (f)
2. (action) taxatie (f); schatting (f)
3. (évaluation) schatting (f); waardebepaling (f); evaluatie (f); raming (f); taxatie (f) 4. (approximation) benadering (f); schatting (f); approximatie (f)
English - Chinese - estimation Pronunciation
(名) 评价; 意见; 判断; 估计
English - Chinese - estimation Pronunciation
(名) 評價; 意見; 判斷; 估計
English - Japanese - estimation Pronunciation
(名) 判断; 見積もり; 尊重
English - Korean - estimation Pronunciation
명. 판단, 가치의 판단, 견적, 의견

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Synonyms for estimation
1. guess: calculation, predicting
2. judgment: appreciation, evaluation, appraisal, esteem, appraisement, honour, assessment