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English English - Definition of eternal 
adj. everlasting, without end
Spanish English To Spanish - eternal 
adj. eterno, intemporal, perenne, permanente, perpetuo, sempiterno, sin edad
French English To French - eternal 
adj. éternel, sans fin
German English To German - eternal 
adj. ewig, unendlich
Italian English To Italian - eternal 
agg. eterno, senza fine; incessante, continuo; interminabile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - eternal 
adj. eterno, sem fim, infindável
Russian English To Russian - eternal 
прил. вечный, бесконечный, вековечный, извечный, неизменный, непреложный, твердый, беспрерывный, постоянный
Turkish English To Turkish - eternal 
s. ölümsüz, ölmez, sonsuz, baki, ebedi
Albanian English To Albanian - eternal 
adj. përjetshëm: i përjetshëm, përhershëm: i përhershëm, patundshëm: i patundshëm
Dutch English To Dutch - eternal 
bn. eeuwig, oneindig
Greek English To Greek - eternal 
επίθ. αιώνιος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - eternal 
(形) 永恒的; 不灭的; 永远的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - eternal 
(形) 永恆的; 不滅的; 永遠的
Japanese English To Japanese - eternal 
(形) 永遠の; 果てしない
Korean English To Korean - eternal 
형. 영원한, 영구한, 끝없는
German Spanish To German - eternal 
adv. ewig
adjective: tiresomely long; seemingly without end Example:The wait seemed eternal.
adjective: lasting for an indefinitely long period of time
adjective: continuing forever or indefinitely Example:Eternal truths.


 Synonyms for eternal
1. deathless: ageless, immortal, imperishable, timeless, undying
2. endless: ceaseless, everlasting, infinite, permanent, perpetual

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