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English English - Definition of ex 
pref. former (i.e. ex-president, ex-wife)
pref. ex
adj. ex, former, past, sometime
Spanish English To Spanish - ex 
pref. ex, el anterior; que deriva de; ex, antiguo
French English To French - ex 
pref. ex-, ancien
German English To German - ex 
pref. ehemalig, ex, vorherig
Italian English To Italian - ex 
pref. (Econ) senza; (Comm) da, franco
Portuguese English To Portuguese - ex 
pref. ex, que um dia foi, que passou
Russian English To Russian - ex 
pref. бывший, прежний, из-, вне-, экс-
Turkish English To Turkish - ex 
s. eski, önceki, sabık
ed. den dışarı, de teslim, olmaksızın, olmadan, sız, siz
English French To English - ex 
pref. ex
English German To English - ex 
pref. former (i.e. ex-president, ex-wife)
English Italian To English - ex 
adj. ex, former, past, sometime
English Spanish To English - ex 
a. late
n. former
Albanian English To Albanian - ex 
adj. ish
Dutch English To Dutch - ex 
pref. ex-, vroegere
Greek English To Greek - ex 
επίθ. πρώην, τέως
French Dutch To French - ex 
(vrouw) ex-femme (f)
Dutch French To Dutch - ex 
(antérieur) vorig; gewezen
ChineseS English To ChineseS - ex 
ChineseT English To ChineseT - ex 
pref. 前任 (qıan2 ren4)
Japanese English To Japanese - ex 
(接頭) 旧, 先, 前, 元
Korean English To Korean - ex 
접두. 전...( 전대통령, 전부인 등)
German French To German - ex 
n. verflossene
Italian French To Italian - ex 
(antérieur) ex; già; precedente; un tempo
Portuguese French To Portuguese - ex 
(antérieur) anterior; ex-; precedente
Spanish French To Spanish - ex 
(antérieur) ex; pasado; anterior; antiguo
French German To French - ex 
pref. ancien, ex-
Italian German To Italian - ex 
adj. finito
Russian German To Russian - ex 
interj. дно: до дна!
French Italian To French - ex 
1. (anteriore) ancien; ex-
2. (persona) ancien
German Italian To German - ex 
adj. ehemalig, einstig
French Portuguese To French - ex 
(anterior) ancien; ex-
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - ex 
prep. 前 (qıan2)
French Spanish To French - ex 
1. (previo) ancien; ex-
2. (persona) ancien
German Spanish To German - ex 
a. ehemalig, gewesen, früher
Korean Spanish To Korean - ex 
prep. 옛날의
noun: a woman who was formerly a particular man's wife Example:All his exes live in Texas.
noun: a man who was formerly a certain woman's husband
adjective: out of fashion


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