v. leave out, keep out; prevent from happening or being; reject
English - Spanish - exclude Pronunciation
v. excluir, dejar aparte, exceptuar, tener aparte; marginar; descartar, proscribir
English - French - exclude Pronunciation
v. exclure, empêcher; refuser, bannir
English - German - exclude Pronunciation
v. ausschließen, vermeiden; hindern; vertreiben
English - Italian - exclude Pronunciation
v. vietare l'ingresso a, non ammettere; escludere, scartare
English - Portuguese - exclude Pronunciation
v. excluir, negar, privar; expulsar
English - Russian - exclude Pronunciation
г. не допускать, не впускать, исключать, выгонять, изымать, снимать, устранять
English - Turkish - exclude Pronunciation
f. hariç tutmak, dahil etmemek, dışında tutmak, dışlamak, içeri almamak, çıkarmak, kovmak
English - Albanian - exclude Pronunciation
v. përjashtoj, lë jashtë
English - Dutch - exclude Pronunciation
ww. uitsluiten, buitensluiten; verdrijven, wegjagen
English - Greek - exclude Pronunciation
ρήμ. αποκλείω
English - Chinese - exclude Pronunciation
(动) 除外, 拒绝, 排除
English - Chinese - exclude Pronunciation
(動) 除外, 拒絕, 排除
English - Japanese - exclude Pronunciation
(動) 締め出す; 排除する; 無視する; 拒否する; 却下する
English - Korean - exclude Pronunciation
동. 배제하다, 제외하다; 일어나지 못하게 하다; 쫓아내다, 거절하다
verb: prevent from entering; shut out Example:This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country.
verb: lack or fail to include Example:The cost for the trip excludes food and beverages.
verb: prevent from being included or considered or accepted Example:The bad results were excluded from the report.
verb: prevent from entering; keep out
verb: put out or expel from a place

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Synonyms for exclude
1. expel: put out, eject, force out, eliminate, banish, reject, dismiss
2. keep out: bar, ban, ostracise, ostracize, rule out, embargo
Verb forms for exclude
Present participle: excluding
Present: exclude (3.person: excludes)
Past: excluded
Future: will exclude
Present conditional: would exclude
Present Perfect: have excluded (3.person: has excluded)
Past Perfect: had excluded
Future Perfect: will have excluded
Past conditional: would have excluded