Definition of excursus Pronunciation
1. A fuller treatment (in a separate section) of a particular part of the text of a book, especially a classic.
2. A narrative digression, especially to discuss a particular issue.
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English - Spanish - excursus Pronunciation
s. disgresión
English - German - excursus Pronunciation
Abschweifung, ausführliche Erörterung, Exkurs
English - Portuguese - excursus Pronunciation
s. excurso (m), dissertação (f), divagação (f)
English - Romanian - excursus Pronunciation
n. digresiune
English - Russian - excursus Pronunciation
с. экскурс, подробное обсуждение детали в книге, отступление
English - Ukrainian - excursus Pronunciation
n. відхилення, екскурс
Italian - English - excursus Pronunciation
n. excursus, digression
Italian - German - excursus Pronunciation
n. exkurs
English - Chinese - excursus Pronunciation
(名) 附录; 补说; 附记
English - Chinese - excursus Pronunciation
(名) 附錄; 補說; 附記
English - Vietnamese - excursus Pronunciation
n. dung tha

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