adj. causes shedding; causes peeling
English - Spanish - exfoliative Pronunciation
adj. pelado; cae; hacer caer
English - French - exfoliative Pronunciation
adj. défoliant; perdant ses feuilles; dénudé
English - German - exfoliative Pronunciation
adj. abblätternd; sich abschälend
English - Italian - exfoliative Pronunciation
agg. esfoliativo
English - Portuguese - exfoliative Pronunciation
adj. que se desprende sob forma de escamas; que descasca, que desfolha
English - Turkish - exfoliative Pronunciation
English - Dutch - exfoliative Pronunciation
bn. afgebladderd, afgeschilferd
English - Japanese - exfoliative Pronunciation
(形) 剥離させる; 剥離性の
verb: grow by producing or unfolding leaves Example:Plants exfoliate.
verb: come off in a very thin piece
verb: remove the surface, in scales or laminae
verb: cast off in scales, laminae, or splinters
verb: spread by opening the leaves of
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