Definition of exhale Pronunciation
1. To expel air from the lungs through the nose or mouth by action of the diaphragm.
2. To pass off in the form of vapour; to emerge.
3. To expel (something) from the lungs by action of the diaphragm.
4. To emit (a vapour, an odour, etc.).
The earth exhales vapor; marshes exhale noxious effluvia.
5. To draw out; to cause to be emitted in vapour.
The sun exhales the moisture of the earth.
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English - English - exhale Pronunciation
v. breath out
v. exhale, give off, breathe, send forth
v. exhale, breathe out; heave; extol
English - Spanish - exhale Pronunciation
v. exhalar, espirar
Spanish - English - exhale Pronunciation
[exhalar] v. exhale, breathe out; heave; extol
English - French - exhale Pronunciation
v. exhaler, expirer
English - German - exhale Pronunciation
v. exhalieren, ausstoßen; verströmen; ausatmen
English - Indonesian - exhale Pronunciation
v. mengeluarkan nafas, menghembuskan, berhembus, menghembus, berembus, mengeluarkan
English - Italian - exhale Pronunciation
v. esalare, emettere, emanare
English - Polish - exhale Pronunciation
v. wydzielać, powietrze: wypuszczać powietrze, wydychać, upust: dać upust złości, wydzielać się, wydzielić
English - Portuguese - exhale Pronunciation
v. expirar; exalar
English - Romanian - exhale Pronunciation
v. exala, emana, evapora: se evapora, aburi, da frâu liber mâniei
English - Russian - exhale Pronunciation
г. выдыхать, выделять (пар)
English - Turkish - exhale Pronunciation
f. nefes vermek, oh çekmek, çıkarmak, yaymak
English - Ukrainian - exhale Pronunciation
v. видихати, випаровуватися, видхнути, визівати, парувати
French - English - exhale Pronunciation
[exhaler] v. exhale, give off, breathe, send forth
English - Dutch - exhale Pronunciation
ww. uitademen; uitblazen van rook
English - Greek - exhale Pronunciation
ρήμ. αποπνέω, αναθυμιάζω
English - Arabic - exhale Pronunciation
‏زفر، أرسل زفرة، أطلق رائحة، إنبعث‏
English - Chinese - exhale Pronunciation
(动) 呼气; 蒸发; 散发; 消散; 呼出; 轻轻发出; 呼; 散发出
English - Chinese - exhale Pronunciation
(動) 呼氣; 蒸發; 散發; 消散; 呼出; 輕輕發出; 呼; 散發出
English - Hindi - exhale Pronunciation
v. साँस छोड़ना, श्वास बाहर निकालना, बाष्पीभवन
English - Japanese - exhale Pronunciation
(動) 息を吐く; 吐き出す
English - Korean - exhale Pronunciation
동. 숨을 내쉬다
English - Vietnamese - exhale Pronunciation
v. bay lên, bốc lên, xông lên, bay ra, phát ra, cơn giận thoáng qua, hơi thở

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for exhale
puff: gasp, pant, breathe, blow, whisper, wheeze
Verb forms for exhale
Present participle: exhaling
Present: exhale (3.person: exhales)
Past: exhaled
Future: will exhale
Present conditional: would exhale
Present Perfect: have exhaled (3.person: has exhaled)
Past Perfect: had exhaled
Future Perfect: will have exhaled
Past conditional: would have exhaled