Definition of exhilarate Pronunciation
1. To make happy, cheer up; to gladden.
Good news exhilarates the mind; wine exhilarates the drinker.
2. To thrill refreshingly.
3. To bring new life to.
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English - English - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. cheer up, make lively or happy, excite
English - Spanish - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. ser irrisorio; alborozar, alegrar, refocilar
English - French - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. ragaillardir, rendre joyeux
English - German - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. erheitern, erfreuen
English - Indonesian - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. meriangkan, menggembirakan, menyenangkan
English - Italian - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. esilarare, rallegrare; rinvigorire, stimolare
English - Polish - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. rozradować, rozweselić
English - Portuguese - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. alegrar, regozijar
English - Romanian - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. înveseli, înviora
English - Russian - exhilarate Pronunciation
г. веселить, развеселить, оживлять, подбодрять
English - Turkish - exhilarate Pronunciation
f. canlandırmak, neşelendirmek, coşturmak
English - Ukrainian - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. звеселяти, пожвавлювати
English - Dutch - exhilarate Pronunciation
ww. opvrolijken
English - Greek - exhilarate Pronunciation
ρήμ. φαιδρύνω, ζωντανεύω, χαροποιώ
English - Arabic - exhilarate Pronunciation
‏بهج، نعش، نبه‏
English - Chinese - exhilarate Pronunciation
(动) 使高兴; 使愉快
English - Chinese - exhilarate Pronunciation
(動) 使高興; 使愉快
English - Hindi - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. ख़ुश करना, विनोदित करना
English - Japanese - exhilarate Pronunciation
(動) うきうきさせる
English - Korean - exhilarate Pronunciation
동. ...의 기분을 들뜨게 하다
English - Vietnamese - exhilarate Pronunciation
v. làm sống lại, hoạt động lại, hăng hái

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for exhilarate
excite: invigorate, buoy, stimulate, arouse, animate, elevate, rouse
Verb forms for exhilarate
Present participle: exhilarating
Present: exhilarate (3.person: exhilarates)
Past: exhilarated
Future: will exhilarate
Present conditional: would exhilarate
Present Perfect: have exhilarated (3.person: has exhilarated)
Past Perfect: had exhilarated
Future Perfect: will have exhilarated
Past conditional: would have exhilarated