Definition of existence Pronunciation
1. The state of being, existing, or occurring; beinghood.
Most people doubt the existence of the Loch Ness monster.
2. Empirical reality; the substance of the physical universe. (Dictionary of Philosophy; 1968)
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English - English - existence Pronunciation
n. living, state of existing, state of being; life
n. existence, life, being, lifetime
English - Spanish - existence Pronunciation
s. existencia, actualidad
English - French - existence Pronunciation
n. existence, réalité; vie
English - German - existence Pronunciation
n. Existenz, Realität; Leben
English - Italian - existence Pronunciation
s. esistenza; vita; (Filos) essere, entità
English - Portuguese - existence Pronunciation
s. existência, ser; vida
English - Russian - existence Pronunciation
с. существование, наличие, жизнь, житие, существо, бытие, все существующее
English - Turkish - existence Pronunciation
i. varoluş, ömür, olma, varlık, hayat
French - English - existence Pronunciation
(f) n. existence, life, being, lifetime
English - Dutch - existence Pronunciation
zn. bestaan, werkelijkheid; leven
English - Greek - existence Pronunciation
ουσ. ύπαρξη
French - Spanish - existence Pronunciation
1. (général) existencia (f)
2. (présence) existencia (f)
3. (philosophie) existencia (f)
French - German - existence Pronunciation
n. existenz, bestand, leben, vorhandensein, dasein, bestehen
French - Italian - existence Pronunciation
1. (général) esistenza (f)
2. (présence) esistenza (f)
3. (philosophie) esistenza (f)
French - Portuguese - existence Pronunciation
1. (général) existência (f)
2. (présence) ocorrência (f); existência (f)
3. (philosophie) existência (f)
French - Russian - existence Pronunciation
n. существование (f), житье (f), образ жизни (f), наличие (f)
French - Turkish - existence Pronunciation
[la] varlık; yaşayış; yaşam, hayat; süre; var olma
French - Dutch - existence Pronunciation
1. (général) bestaan (n)
2. (présence) voorkomen (n)
3. (philosophie) bestaan (n); zijn (n); existentie (f)
English - Chinese - existence Pronunciation
(名) 存在; 生活; 实在
English - Chinese - existence Pronunciation
(名) 存在; 生活; 實在
English - Japanese - existence Pronunciation
(名) 存在; 現存; 生活; 生存
English - Korean - existence Pronunciation
명. 존재, 존재상태; 생활

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Synonyms for existence
1. life: survival, presence, permanence
2. being: actuality, reality