Definition of expansive Pronunciation
1. Able to be expanded.
2. Comprehensive in scope or extent.
An expansive research work.
3. Talkative and sociable.
4. Exhibiting expansivity.
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English - English - expansive Pronunciation
adj. broad, comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects; spreading, extensive; open, unrestrained
adj. expansive, effusive, exuberant
English - Spanish - expansive Pronunciation
adj. expansivo, de gran extensión, extensivo
English - French - expansive Pronunciation
adj. expansif, démonstratif
English - German - expansive Pronunciation
adj. expandiert, ausbreitend; offen
English - Italian - expansive Pronunciation
agg. espansivo, esteso, vasto
English - Portuguese - expansive Pronunciation
adj. expansivo; extenso; aberto
English - Russian - expansive Pronunciation
прил. экспансивный, несдержанный, открытый, расширяющийся
English - Turkish - expansive Pronunciation
s. genişleyen, yayılan, geniş, açık sözlü, yaygın, açık, taşkın
French - English - expansive Pronunciation
[expansif] adj. expansive, effusive, exuberant
English - Dutch - expansive Pronunciation
bn. expansief, uitgaand; open
English - Greek - expansive Pronunciation
επίθ. διασταλτικός, εκτεταμένος, επεκτατικός
English - Chinese - expansive Pronunciation
(形) 易膨胀的, 易扩张的
English - Chinese - expansive Pronunciation
(形) 易膨脹的, 易擴張的
English - Japanese - expansive Pronunciation
(形) 膨張力のある; 拡張的な; 広大な; 気さくな, 寛大な
English - Korean - expansive Pronunciation
형. 널찍한, 포괄적인; 넓게 퍼진, 광대한; 제한없는, 열린

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