adj. pertaining to an exponent (Algebra)
English - Spanish - exponential Pronunciation
adj. exponencial
English - French - exponential Pronunciation
adj. exponentiel (algèbre)
English - German - exponential Pronunciation
adj. exponentiell (Algebra)
English - Italian - exponential Pronunciation
agg. (Mat) esponenziale
English - Portuguese - exponential Pronunciation
adj. exponencial (Mat.)
English - Russian - exponential Pronunciation
прил. экспоненциальный, показательный
English - Turkish - exponential Pronunciation
s. üsse ait, katsayı ile ilgili
i. üsse ait sayı
English - Albanian - exponential Pronunciation
adj. tregues
English - Dutch - exponential Pronunciation
bn. exponentieel (in algebra)
English - Greek - exponential Pronunciation
επίθ. εκθετικός
German - Italian - exponential Pronunciation
adj. esponenziale
English - Chinese - exponential Pronunciation
(形) 指数的; 幂数的
English - Chinese - exponential Pronunciation
(形) 指數的; 冪數的
English - Japanese - exponential Pronunciation
(形) 指数の; 解説者の; 指数関数的な(代数)
English - Korean - exponential Pronunciation
형. 지수의
noun: a function in which an independent variable appears as an exponent
adjective: of or involving exponents Example:Exponential growth.

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