n. eyelet; small hole, as in a needle, that receives thread or other material; hole for the eye
English - Spanish - eyehole Pronunciation
s. mirilla (f)
English - French - eyehole Pronunciation
n. ouverture pour les yeux (masque), petit ouverture; judas
English - German - eyehole Pronunciation
Sichtöffnung, Guckloch, Schauloch, Augenhöhle
English - Italian - eyehole Pronunciation
s. orbita dell'occhio; buco, spiraglio
English - Portuguese - eyehole Pronunciation
s. órbita do olho
English - Russian - eyehole Pronunciation
с. глазок, щелка, глазная впадина
English - Turkish - eyehole Pronunciation
i. göz çukuru, göz
English - Albanian - eyehole Pronunciation
n. gropë e syrit, gropëza e syrit, vrimë, govatë [anat.], gropë e ujërave të zeza
English - Dutch - eyehole Pronunciation
zn. oogholte, oogkas; klein gat, als in een naald, waardoor de draad wordt gehaald
English - Korean - eyehole Pronunciation
명. 눈구멍, 들여다보는 구멍
(n.) A circular opening to recive a hook, cord, ring, or rope; an eyelet.

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