Definition of fabrication Pronunciation
1. The act of fabricating, framing, or constructing; construction; manufacture
The fabrication of a bridge, a church, or a government
2. That which is fabricated; a falsehood
The story is doubtless a fabrication.
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English - English - fabrication Pronunciation
n. fake, forgery; lie, falsehood, fable; assembly, manufacture; invention
n. manufacturing, fabrication, manufacture; invention, production, making
English - Spanish - fabrication Pronunciation
s. fabricación, ficción, patraña
English - French - fabrication Pronunciation
n. fabrication, fiction, blague; assemblage, production; invention
English - German - fabrication Pronunciation
n. Herstellung, Konstruierung; Erfindung; Fälschung
English - Italian - fabrication Pronunciation
s. fabbricazione, costruzione; struttura; (fig) menzogna, invenzione; (fig) falsificazione, falso
English - Portuguese - fabrication Pronunciation
s. fabricação; falsificação; preparação; construção
English - Russian - fabrication Pronunciation
с. производство, изготовление, выдумка, ложь, измышление, подделка, фальшивка
English - Turkish - fabrication Pronunciation
i. üretme, imal etme, bir araya getirme, uydurma, yalan, sahtesini yapma
French - English - fabrication Pronunciation
(f) n. manufacturing, fabrication, manufacture; invention, production, making
English - Dutch - fabrication Pronunciation
zn. verzinning, vervalsing; leugen, bedriegerij, fabel; uitvinding
English - Greek - fabrication Pronunciation
ουσ. κατασκεύασμα, σκευωρία
French - Spanish - fabrication Pronunciation
(production) fabricación (f); manufactura (f)
French - German - fabrication Pronunciation
n. fabrikation, herstellung, anfertigung, fertigung, basteln
French - Italian - fabrication Pronunciation
(production) fabbricazione (f); produzione (f)
French - Portuguese - fabrication Pronunciation
(production) fabricação (f); manufatura (f)
French - Russian - fabrication Pronunciation
n. изготовление (f), производство (f), выработка (f), обработка (f), работа (f)
French - Turkish - fabrication Pronunciation
[la] yapım, imal
French - Dutch - fabrication Pronunciation
(production) fabricage (f); bouw (m)
English - Chinese - fabrication Pronunciation
(名) 制作; 伪造物; 构成
English - Chinese - fabrication Pronunciation
(名) 製作; 偽造物; 構成
English - Japanese - fabrication Pronunciation
(名) 偽造; 偽り; 製作
English - Korean - fabrication Pronunciation
명. 꾸며낸 것; 거짓; 짜맞추기, 제조; 만들기

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Synonyms for fabrication
falsehood: lie, prevarication, fib, untruth, falsification, invention, mendacity