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English Portuguese To English - fabuloso 
adj. fabulous; mythical, mythological; legendary
English Spanish To English - fabuloso 
adj. fabulous, fabled, fantastic
French Portuguese To French - fabuloso 
1. (grau) fabuleux; fantastique; prodigieux; formidable
2. (legendário) célèbre; légendaire
3. (inacreditável) fabuleux; incroyable; stupéfiant
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - fabuloso 
adj. 優秀 (you1 xıu4), 空想的 (kong1 xıang3 de5)
French Spanish To French - fabuloso 
1. (número) immense; énorme
2. (grado) fabuleux; fantastique; prodigieux; formidable
3. (legendario) célèbre; légendaire 4. (increíble) fabuleux; incroyable; stupéfiant
German Spanish To German - fabuloso 
a. fabelhaft, märchenhaft, sagenhaft, fabel-, unwahrscheinlich, phantastisch, fantastisch, unerhört, ungeheuer, umwerfend, toll, doll
Korean Spanish To Korean - fabuloso 
adj. 전설상의, 공상적인
Russian Spanish To Russian - fabuloso 
adj. баснословный, необыкновенный


 Synonyms for fabuloso
1. grau: maravilhoso, soberbo, sensacional, incrível, formidável, chocante, legendário
2. inacreditável: estupeficante,

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