Definition of facade Pronunciation
1. The face of a building, especially the front.
2. A deceptive outward appearance.
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English - Spanish - facade Pronunciation
[façade] s. fachada, delantera, frente, frontis, frontispicio, parte del frente, portada
English - French - facade Pronunciation
n. f ront (m)
English - German - facade Pronunciation
[façade] n. Fassade, Außenansicht, Schauseite eines Gebäudes
English - Italian - facade Pronunciation
[façade] s. (Arch) facciata, prospetto; (fig) apparenza
English - Portuguese - facade Pronunciation
[façade] s. fachada; face; aparência externa; ilusão
English - Russian - facade Pronunciation
[façade] с. фасад
English - Turkish - facade Pronunciation
i. cephe, dış görünüş
Dutch - English - facade Pronunciation
n. facade, outer wall of a building; cover, disguise
English - Dutch - facade Pronunciation
zn. voorgevel, facade, gevel, pui, voorpui, voorzijde
English - Greek - facade Pronunciation
(Lex). πρόσοψη
English - Chinese - facade Pronunciation
[façade] (名) 正面; 表面; 前面; 外观
English - Chinese - facade Pronunciation
n. 正面 (zheng4 mıan4), 前面 (qıan2 mıan4), 表面 (bıao3 mıan4), 場面 (chang3 mıan4)
English - Japanese - facade Pronunciation
(名) ファサード, 外観, 正面, 前面, 間口, 表構え
English - Korean - facade Pronunciation
명. 정면

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Synonyms for facade
disguise: deceit, mask, camouflage, masquerade, make-up, cover-up, subterfuge