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English English - Definition of face blindness 
n. prosopagnosia, inability to recognize familiar faces, trouble or difficulty to recognize faces, difficulty of telling the difference between faces
German English To German - face blindness 
n. Prosopagnosie, Unfähigkeit bekannte Gesichter zu erkennen, Schwierigkeit Gesichter zu erkennen, Mühe Gesichter auseinander zu halten
Portuguese English To Portuguese - face blindness 
s. (Medicina) prosopagnosia, incapacidade de identificar as feições humanas, dificuldade na distinção entre diferentes feições humanas
Dutch English To Dutch - face blindness 
zn. (Geneeskunde) prosopagnosie of gezichtsblindheid, specifieke vorm van agnosie met problemen bij het herkennen van gezichten (soms zelfs eigen gezicht in de spiegel)
Japanese English To Japanese - face blindness 
(名) 顔の識別ができないこと, 顔の識別が困難なこと


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