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Definition of fall

1. The act of moving to a lower position under the effect of gravity.
2. A reduction in quantity, pitch, etc.
3. The time of the year when the leaves typically fall from the trees; autumn; the season of the year between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice.
4. A loss of greatness or status.
The fall of Rome
5. A crucial event or circumstance.
1. Of a wicket The action of a batsman being out.
2. Curling A defect in the ice which causes stones thrown into an area to drift in a given direction.
3. Wrestling An instance of a wrestler being pinned to the mat.
6. A hairpiece for women consisting of long strands of hair on a woven backing, intended primarily to cover hair loss.
7. Blame or punishment for a failure or misdeed.
He set up his rival to take the fall.
8. The part of the rope of a tackle to which the power is applied in hoisting.
9. See falls
10. An old Scots unit of measure equal to six ells.
11. To move downwards.
4. To move to a lower position under the effect of gravity.
Thrown from a cliff, the stone fell 100 feet before hitting the ground.
5. To come down, to drop or descend.
The rain fell at dawn.
6. To come to the ground deliberately, to prostrate oneself.
He fell to the floor and begged for mercy.
7. To be brought to the ground.
12. To be moved downwards.
8. Obsolete To let fall; to drop.
9. Obsolete To sink; to depress.
To fall the voice
10. Archaic To fell; to cut down.
To fall a tree
13. To happen, to change negatively.
11. Copulative To become.
She has fallen ill.
The children fell asleep in the back of the car.
When did you first fall in love?
12. To occur (on a certain day of the week, date, or similar); said of an instance of a recurring event such as a holiday or date.
Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday.
Last year, Commencement fell on June 3.
13. Intransitive To collapse; to be overthrown or defeated.
Rome fell to the Goths in 410 AD.
14. Euphemistic To die, especially in battle or by disease.
This is a monument to all those who fell in the First World War.
15. Intransitive To become lower (in quantity, pitch, etc.).
The candidate's poll ratings fell abruptly after the banking scandal.
16. (followed by a determining word or phrase) To become; to be affected by or befallen with a calamity; to change into the state described by words following; to become prostrated literally or figuratively (see Usage notes below).
Our senator fell into disrepute because of the banking scandal.
14. To be allotted to; to arrive through chance, fate, or inheritance.
And so it falls to me to make this important decision.
The estate fell to his brother; the kingdom fell into the hands of his rivals.
15. To diminish; to lessen or lower.
16. To bring forth.
To fall lambs
17. To issue forth into life; to be brought forth; said of the young of certain animals.
18. To descend in character or reputation; to become degraded; to sink into vice, error, or sin.
19. To become ensnared or entrapped; to be worse off than before.
To fall into error;
To fall into difficulties
20. To assume a look of shame or disappointment; to become or appear dejected; said of the face.
21. To happen; to come to pass; to chance or light (upon).
22. To begin with haste, ardour, or vehemence; to rush or hurry.
After arguing, they fell to blows.
23. To be dropped or uttered carelessly.
An unguarded expression fell from his lips.
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English - English - fall

n. tumble; descent; decrease; collapse; autumn; waterfall; being seduced; slope; (during an attack) landing of any missile (coined during the Israel-Hizbollah conflict in July-August 2006)
v. tumble; descend; decrease; become; occur on; be victimized
n. fall, tumble, drop; collapse, failure; waterfall, cascading water; contingence, possibility, chance, occasion; legal case, situation; (Grammar) category of inflection

English - Spanish - fall

s. caída, baja, caimiento, descenso, despeñamiento, desplomo, ocaso, reducción, revolcón, talegazo; catarata, salto de agua; otoño, estación de otoño
v. caer, caer al suelo, caerse al suelo; colapsar, descender

English - French - fall

n. chute; descente; diminution; décrue; ruine; automne; cascade; docilité, soumission; pente
v. tomber; descendre; diminuer; se transformer en; s'accoutumer à; s'effondrer; tomber au combat

English - German - fall

n. Fall, Sturz; Niedergang; Herbst; Wasserfall; verführt werden; Abhang; (während eines Angriffs) Landung einer Rakete ( neuer Begriff während des Israel-Hisbollah Konflikts im Juli-August 2006 etabliert)
v. fallen; stürzen; einbrechen; absinken; sterben

English - Indonesian - fall

n. kejatuhan, jatuhnya, runtuhnya, turunnya, surutnya, landaian, lereng, lerengan, musim gugur, musim rontok, musim runtuh, tingginya
v. jatuh, tumbang, turun, melihat ke bawah, reda, redup, gugur

English - Italian - fall

s. caduta; il cadere; (am) autunno; ribasso, diminuzione, calo, abbassamento; discesa, pendio, declivio; il cadere in tentazione; peccato; capitolazione; rovina, crollo, tracollo; incontro, partita
v. cadere, cascare; precipitare; abbassarsi, diminuire, calare; ricadere, pendere; (fig) cedere alla tentazione; capitolare; morire; ricorrere, capitare; diventare; uscire, venire; toccare; andare

English - Polish - fall

n. upadek, opadanie, padanie, spadnięcie, wpadnięcie, zapad, runda, opad, pomiot, zmierzch, jesień, wodospad, spadek, obniżka, zniżka, bessa {ekon.}, gruchnięcie, pochyłość, wyrąb, wywrotka
v. spadać, padać, lecieć, polecieć, pospadać, zlatywać, gruchnąć, runąć, zwalać się, wpadać, wpłynąć, zapadać, popadać, przepadać, lec, polec, ginąć, opadać, sypać, przypadać, przewracać się, rozpadać się, zapanować, napastować, przeciągać, okroić, spaść, paść, zlecieć, wpływać, zapaść, opaść, sypnąć, rozpaść się, zapanowywać, przeciągnąć

English - Portuguese - fall

s. queda; descida; degradação; outono; cachoeira; tombo; declive, ladeira; (durante um ataque) aterrissagem de um míssil (termo usado durante o conflito entre Israel e o Hizbolá entre julho e agosto de 2006)
v. cair; descer; abaixar-se; diminuir; ceder; morrer; abandonar

English - Romanian - fall

n. cădere, căzătură, picare, prăbuşire, decădere, scădere, coborâre, cădere de apă, cascadă, pantă, povârniş, toamnă, coloană de apă, precipitaţie: precipitaţii atmosferice, declin, declivitate, curent de palanc
v. cădea, pica, aşterne, prăbuşi: se prăbuşi, prăvăli: se prăvăli, poticni: se poticni, lăsa: se lăsa, dărâma: se dărâma, surpa: se surpa, ruina: se ruina, nărui: se nărui, desprinde: se desprinde, dezbate, învrăjbi: se învrăjbi, năpusti: se năpusti, ataca {mil.}, viaţă: a-şi pierde viaţa, potoli: se potoli, calma: se calma, scădea în intensitate
v. scădea, coborî, descreşte, deveni scadent, micşora: se micşora, decădea, descompune: se descompune, coborî în pantă, eşua, reuşi: nu reuşi, veni, trage: se trage, lungi: se lungi, clasifica: se clasifica, repartiza: se repartiza, aşeza, depune: se depune

English - Russian - fall

с. падение, грех; осень; закат; падение цен; снижение, спад, упадок; водопад; уклон, обрыв, склон; выпадение осадков; окот, выводок; высота напора, высота падения; лопарь [мор.]; каданс
г. падать; опускаться, спускаться; спадать, ниспадать; понижаться, снижаться; стихать, утихнуть; гибнуть, погибнуть; доставаться, выпасть на долю; пасть морально, согрешить

English - Turkish - fall

f. düşmek, inmek, dökülmek, yıkılmak, devrilmek, yağmak, ucuzlamak, eğimli olmak, dağılmak, karanlık bastırmak, gece çökmek, tam yerine denk gelmek, oturmak (lâf), hastalanmak, yatağa düşmek, kötü yola düşmek
i. sonbahar, yaprak dökümü, düşme, dökülme, düşüş, döküm, kat, fırfır, yağış, yıkılma, çöküş, inme, ucuzlama, çağlayan, şelâle, yavrulama, tuş, eğim, yamaç

English - Ukrainian - fall

n. падіння, зниження, спад, схил, гепання, пад, руїна
v. падати, слабшати, випадати, летіти, обсипатися, опускатися, полягти, спадати

German - English - fall

v. tumble; descend; decrease; become; occur on; be victimized

English - Dutch - fall

zn. buiteling; afgang, val; ineenstorting; lawine; herfst; waterval; verleiding; afdaling; (gedurende aanval) landing van elke raket (geworpen gedurende het conflict tussen Israël en de Hizbollah in juli-augustus 2006)
ww. vallen; dalen; verminderen; omkeren, dichtbij komen; ruimte maken

English - Greek - fall

ουσ. άλωση, πέσιμο, πτώση, φθινόπωρο
ρήμ. πέφτω

German - Spanish - fall

n. caída (f), descenso (m), barquinazo (m), costalazo (m), descendida (f), tumbo (m), cascada (f), agua: salto de agua (m), asunto (m), caso (m), driza (f)

German - French - fall

n. chute (f), éventualité (f), affaire (f), coup (m), cas (m), dossier (m)

German - Italian - fall

n. caduta (f), occorrenza (f), discesa (f), rovina (f), decadenza (f), cascata (f), frana (f), eventualità (f), precipitazione {chim.} (f), capitombolo (m), dislivello (m), caso (m), ribasso {econ.} (m), evento (m)

German - Russian - fall

n. падение (m), снижение (m), убыль (m), случай (m), происшествие (m), падеж (m), понижение (m), фал (n)

German - Turkish - fall

i. düşme (m), çöküş (m), durum (m), hal (m), dava (m), hastalık (m), yelken halatı (n), eğilim (n), eğim (n)

German - Dutch - fall

geval ,val ,evenement ,naamval ,smak ,valling

English - Arabic - fall

‏الخريف، ذبول، قطع الأشجار، نعاس، إنخفاض في السعر، حجاب إمرأة، إفلاس، حبل، سلسلة، إنهيار، عدد الأشجار المقطوعة‏
‏سقط، وقع، ضمر، تساقط، تدلى، أخمد، سكن، تلاشى، هبط، خر، ولد، خفق، إنهزم، إنهار، شرع بهمة، نشاط، تقع عليك المسئولية، أصبح، تدنى‏

English - Chinese - fall

(名) 秋天; 瀑布; 落下
(动) 倒下; 来临; 落下; 击倒; 砍倒

English - Chinese - fall

(名) 秋天; 瀑布; 落下
(動) 倒下; 來臨; 落下; 擊倒; 砍倒

English - Hindi - fall

n. पतन, झरना, ढलान, विनाश, पराजय, नैतिक पतन
v. गिरना, डलना, पतित होना, पतित हो जाना, पतन होना, टूट पड़ना, ढहना, नष्ट होना, घटना, घटित होना, कम होना, लटकना

English - Japanese - fall

(動) 転倒する; 降下する; 低下する; 起きる; 生じる; 犠牲になる
(名) 転倒; 降下; 低下; 崩壊; 秋; 滝; 誘われること; 傾斜; (攻撃中に)ミサイルの落下(2006年7月から8月にかけてのイスラエル ヒスボラ戦争の間につくりだされた)

English - Korean - fall

명. 추락; 낙하; 하락, 저하; 멸망, 몰락, 붕괴; 가을; 폭포; 유혹에 지기; 내리막길
동. 떨어지다; 내려가다, 추락하다; 감소하다, 하락하다; 사건 등이 우연히 일어나다; 희생되다

English - Vietnamese - fall

n. rơi, rớt, ngã xuống, sự đẻ, mùa thu, thác nước, cột nước, nước thủy triều xuống, gập ghềnh, sự sụt giá, sụp đổ
v. té, ngã, rớt xuống

German - Chinese - fall

[der] pl.Falls 下落。落下。跌下。倒塌。升降索。
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Synonyms for fall
1. stumble: drop, totter, go down, trip, pitch, plunge, keel
2. descend: drop, lower
3. succumb: go down, yield, go under, submit, surrender
4. decline: abate, dwindle, decrease, diminish
5. regress: relapse, recede, ebb, subside
6. occur: happen, befall, arrive
Verb forms for fall
Present participle: falling
Present: fall (3.person: falls)
Past: fell
Future: will fall
Present conditional: would fall
Present Perfect: have fallen (3.person: has fallen)
Past Perfect: had fallen
Future Perfect: will have fallen
Past conditional: would have fallen