Definition of fall out Pronunciation
1. To come out of something by falling.
I opened the cupboard and a can fell out on to my foot.
2. To cease to be on friendly terms.
Dave and I fell out after a long argument.
3. Intransitive
1. Literally to leave one's place in the current formation of ranks in order to take one's place in a new formation.
2. Figuratively To leave one's current location to report for duty at a new location.
The company fell out for an artillery drill.
4. To pass out.
5. To turn out, happen.
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English - English - fall out Pronunciation
waste, residue; disperse, scatter; quarrel, disagree
English - Spanish - fall out Pronunciation
Caer, Desprenderse; Reñir; Romper filas
English - French - fall out Pronunciation
chute, déclin; tomber; s'éparpiller; se disputer
English - German - fall out Pronunciation
zerstreiten, herausfallen, ausfallen, wegtreten
English - Indonesian - fall out Pronunciation
v. rontok, tanggal, bertengkar, berselisih, ternyata, tertidur
English - Italian - fall out Pronunciation
(Atom) pioggia radioattiva, precipitazioni radioattive
English - Polish - fall out Pronunciation
v. wypadać, obleźć, odetkać się, rozejść się, pokłócić się, poróżnić się, wychodzić, składać się, wypaść
English - Portuguese - fall out Pronunciation
cair; brigar; espalhar-se
English - Romanian - fall out Pronunciation
v. certa: se certa
English - Russian - fall out Pronunciation
выпадать, вываливаться, выходить из строя, ссориться, рассориться, случаться, осадки, радиоактивные осадки, выпадение радиоактивных осадков
English - Turkish - fall out Pronunciation
dökülmek, dışarıya çıkmak, eksilmek, sıradan çıkmak, ortaya çıkmak, bozuşmak, külahları değişmek
English - Ukrainian - fall out Pronunciation
v. випадати, заснути
English - Dutch - fall out Pronunciation
uitvallen; ruzie maken; afvallen
English - Greek - fall out Pronunciation
λύνω τους ζυγούς, συμβαίνω
English - Arabic - fall out Pronunciation
‏تنحى، خرج من الصف، حدث، إنتهى، إنتشر، تخاصم‏
English - Chinese - fall out Pronunciation
发生; 吵架
English - Chinese - fall out Pronunciation
發生; 吵架
English - Hindi - fall out Pronunciation
v. झगड़ा करना
English - Japanese - fall out Pronunciation
(动) 抜ける
English - Korean - fall out Pronunciation
원자회의 강하
English - Vietnamese - fall out Pronunciation
v. té, ngã ra ngoài

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